Materials & Care

Temari Jewelry

All Miwa Temari balls are handmade from start to finish. Wool core is wrapped in layers of threads to form 土台 [do-dai] - the base of temari. Thinnest silk is used for the outer layer.

High quality Japanese silk, silver and gold threads are used for embroidery.

Earrings and Necklaces

Temari earrings: Most items are 14k gold filled. Sterling silver*, stainless steel, and nickel-free alloys are also available. Please refer to the material description provided with each item.

Several types of earrings are available: hooks, posts, leverbacks, hoops, non-hole clips and rings. Titan and silicone are available as allergy-free options (please contact us directly for these options before placing your order).

High quality crystal beads, similar to Swarovski, are used in Miwa Temari earrings.

Temari pendants: Most items have gold-plated brass attachment rings. Temari with genuine gold thread embroidery have 14kgf attachments.

Necklaces: 14k gold plated chains, sterling silver chains*, gold-plated brass chains, or Japanese Kumihimo silk cord necklaces with alloy attachments are available. 

*Sterling silver may gradually tarnish due to natural oxidation. Please use special silver cleaning solution for silver to restore the luster.

Silver and Gold Threads

These special threads from Kyoto are used to weave and embroider ceremonial clothing and festival floats. The thinnest type (0.16mm) is used in Miwa Temari jewelry.

Silver threads 銀糸 [gin-shi] are made with real silver by vacuum deposition and tinted to produce golden tones.

To avoid damaging the protective layer and the silver, please do not rub the threads and avoid exposure to high temperatures. Silver may gradually tarnish due to natural oxidation. 


Genuine gold threads 本金糸 [hon-kin-shi] are made with real gold leaf wrapped around the silk core.

Please avoid rubbing the threads, and avoid exposure to high temperatures.


Handling with care is advised due to the delicate nature of embroidery. Avoid rubbing the threads.

Spot clean only.

Please avoid contact with beauty products as sweat and sebum may stain the silk.

Store away from moisture and sunlight. Remove jewelry before showering, bathing or swimming. Remove jewelry before going to bed.

Silk is a natural material and fading may occur over the years depending on conditions.

If your temari has been deformed in an unfortunate incident, gently press the ball back into its original shape.